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Toile de Jouy - Paper Aesthetic - Papaer Pattern.png
Toile de Jouy - Paper Aesthetic - Papaer Pattern.png
Toile de Jouy - Paper Aesthetic - Papaer Pattern.png
Toile de Jouy - Paper Aesthetic - Papaer Pattern.png
Toile de Jouy - Paper Aesthetic - Papaer Pattern.png
Toile de Jouy - Paper Aesthetic - Papaer Pattern.png
Toile de Jouy - Paper Aesthetic - Papaer Pattern.png
Toile de Jouy - Paper Aesthetic - Papaer Pattern.png
Toile de Jouy - Paper Aesthetic - Papaer Pattern.png
Toile de Jouy - Paper Aesthetic - Papaer Pattern.png

Anticipate roughly 4-5 weeks from booking date.

Weeks 1 + 2-3 for choosing options, building the suite, and design/proofing.

Weeks 3 + 4-5 for printing/production and quality checks.

* larger orders may take longer, smaller orders may go quicker *

rush orders on invitations

We do not currently accept rush orders for our invitation suites (nor would we recommend it!)

Toile de Jouy - Paper Aesthetic - Papaer Pattern.png
Toile de Jouy - Paper Aesthetic - Papaer Pattern.png

Invitation Suites

So you're considering Pretty in Paper invitations - yay! We're so glad you're here!!

We understand that this is a very involved and personal step of your big day. This page details tons of info about our invitation process and touches on our most commonly asked questions. 

There's ALOT of info to unpack here.

Feel free to jump around to the topics you're interested in or have

questions about via the "JUMP TO TOPIC" menu on the right.


Invitations are personal. Each brides suite with us has been totally different and unique! Some keep it simple, some want 'the works.' Some brides love to be really involved, others let us take the wheel!


Long story short, invitations need more attention, time, care, and collaboration between us and bride.

That being said, we ask that invitation suites are booked with us.

( for now! ) 

A couple notes on booking:

    01. We hate waiting. Booking requests will receive a response from our team within
          one business day.

    02. Please do not use the booking request form for general invitation questions or pricing
We would love to help and answer any questions you have, but please
         do so via this contact form or email us at

ok I'm ready, how do we start!?

How to Get Started
Pre-Booking Information

am I ready to book my date? pre-booking checklist

Planning a wedding is literally second job. Sometimes the details get lost in the sauce.

Here is a short check list to help round up the info typically needed for invitations. These details should preferably be ready and confirmed by your booked date

Note on Ready-ness:

having your details ready ensures a convenient and efficient turn-around time, 

and helps our team ensure nothing slips through the cracks



  + Wedding Date 

  + Wedding Venue & Address

  + Ceremony Start Time 

  + Reception Venue & Address (if different)
  + Reception Start Time (if applicable)

  + Wedding Website Ready to Accept  RSVPs (if applicable)

  + A Chosen RSVP deadline

  + Meal Choices / Options Confirmed (if guests to choose via mail-in RSVP card)

  + Dress Code Request

  + A General Idea of Details You Want Guests to Know (accommodations, room
     block deets, travel, contact person / number for those with questions,
     welcome party/dinner, kids allowed/not allowed, a note on gifts, etc
(we can assist
      with the wording during design)

  + Rehearsal Dinner / Wedding Party Notes / Dates / Instructions (if applicable)

  + **Finalized Number of Suites Needed**

HELPFUL NOTE: when determining the number of invitation suites you need to order, keep in mind that even if your guest list is at 130 guests, you will not need 130 suites. One invitation per household is sufficient (and definitely more cost effective!).

For example: grandma and grandpa count as two guests on your list, but live together. They will receive one invitation.

All 5 members of the Johnson family are on your guest list, but will receive one invitation inviting the family since they live together.

  + All Guest Names and Addresses Ready (if having envelopes addressed) 

We always suggest double checking all names & addresses are accurate / typo free.

how to request booking

Simple! Fill out the form below and submit the request.

    + The form allows us to obtain a basic understanding of your invitation wants + needs.

    + Our team will respond within one business day with our next available "start date"

Pre-Booking Checklist
Booking Request Form
InvitAtion Booking Request forM
select all items your dream suite would include:
Tell us your wedding vibe

request submitted - cue happy dance!

I need to cancel my booking

Things happen, plans change, and that's ok! Please send us a courtesy email or text message (no explanation necessary!) so we can open up your spot.

* Cancellations will forfeit their booking fee.

Booking Cancelations

email us:

text us:

* please be sure to include your name + booking date

ok I'm booked. now what?

Yay, you're booked! Here's what the next steps look like:



We don't have a to do list for you just yet! Here's some completely optional things you can do while you await your start date: 

    + take this time to think about colors you'd like featured in your suite, any shapes you
       may want the cards to be / font style preferences,
 wording, round up
       some inspiration photos to share with us, etc! 

    + this down time also serves as a time extension for gathering and finalizing any
       details / addresses / loose ends 
needed for your suite.

    + double check the details, times, addresses, check for spelling accuracies etc.
       sometimes we catch typos, however with names, places, addresses, we will not be
       able to differentiate a typo/error. information provided to us will be copy/pasted, so
       ensure its accurate! 

prior to your start date

booking day has arrived! here's what up first:

Process + Timeline Info



    + When your scheduled start date arrives, our team will reach out to begin selecting and

       building all the elements of your suite. Specifically, the details that effect pricing.


    + This is the fun part! We'll work with you and your "want list" and provide suggestions,
        options and prices. We can also offer suggestions based on info from your booking
        form, inspiration photos, mood boards, color stories, etc.

    + These Items Include:

          Main Card Size ( 4x6 vs 5x7 )

          Number of Individual Cards Included (main, details, rsvp, etc)

          Cardstock Colors/Selections for each Individual Card

          Shape of Cards (standard or die cut (i.e. arches, ovals, circles, etc)

          Envelope{s} Color Choice and Size

          Envelope Guest Addressing Service

          Wax Seals

          Other Additions (white ink, deckled edging, etc)

          Final Count for Suites Needed



    + Now that we have the items above confirmed, we'll provide you with a detailed
       order breakdown and final cost.

    + Your booking fee will be applied to your balance.

    + Payment is due in full to move on to next1 steps. We offer several payment options to
       make our services convenient for all budgets, including Afterpay and PayPal.

Building the Suite

make it official | booking fee

We hate fees, but this helps to keep our schedule open to those who are ready to go!

To lock in your date, you will be prompted to pay a non-refundable $75 booking fee once your date has been selected and confirmed. This fee will applied to your orders total when payment is due.


Clients have 3 business day grace period to make their booking payment, after which date is not guaranteed.

please do not pay booking fee until prompted

Design, Proofing + Print



    + The next step is gathering all your wedding details so the proofing process can begin.

    + Our team will email over a list of details we need. This list will also include some
       optional ideas to include in your suite if desired.

    + If you chose to have your envelopes addressed, you will also receive your link and
       passcode to begin filling out your
 guest addressing spreadsheet 

here is a list of details we'll ask for



    + Here's where are team will begin design and proofing. This is where we can play with 
       fonts, wording & verbiage, placement, font colors, etc. 

    + We will typically begin with the main card to nail down fonts and general design. then
        move on and incorporate the same style to the remaining items.

    + Proofs will be sent to clients by email.



    + Once happy with the complete design of the suite, you will give everything a final
       review and give us the green light to begin printing and production.

    + What to review prior to giving approval:

       - you're happy with all design work (colors, fonts, placement, etc)

       - no spelling or grammatical errors exist

       - all information is accurate (times, dates, locations, etc)

Things to consider prior to giving approval:

01. Once your order goes to print, refunds of any kind are not accepted.

02. Any items containing errors or items needing to be reprinted will need to be repurchased.



    + Your work is done! Once approved, we start production right away

getting started + booking

process + timeline

design limitations

Below are some design options that we currently do not offer:

 + Debossing, Embossing and Letterpress

 + Foiling Service (with the exception of gold flake application)

 + Invitation Pockets

 + Envelope Liners

Turn-Around Time
Design Limitations

turn-around time

Booking Fee

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