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H! Im Kennedy, former picky AF bride-to-be.
Welcome to my passion project & favorite little corner of the internet, The Pretty in Paper, Co.

It wasn't until I began planning my own wedding in 2019 that I realized how completely obsessed I was with stationery. I wanted to find minimalist, modern, wow-worthy paper goods to represent our big day and tie together all of our decor. Should have been simple enough, right? Well... no. 100% no.

I found that I was completely drained of energy and mood after searching through the same regurgitated designs and boring text for hours to no avail. I felt my options were limited to the same over-priced, 'vanilla' stationery of weddings past, and it look me months to find affordable vendors I loved.


The sheer joy from finding THE perfect product coupled with my love for design sparked the idea of starting my own stationery business. I knew I couldn't be the only bride who just wanted something different. Months before our wedding (pre-postponement, *sigh*) and while furloughed during the great quarantine of 2020, The Pretty in Paper, Co was born. 

We still hold the same goal;
curating a quality aesthetic with a focus 
on modern, minimalistic, and on-trend design
to seamlessly compliment today's
weddings and events.

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behind the 

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